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What We Love About GameTime’s PrimeTime Odyssey

By February 25, 2023No Comments

Our partners at GameTime have launched a new product that has our team craving adventurous playground designs: PrimeTime Odyssey! Odyssey features a new and exciting way to theme PlayTime play systems with an assortment of entryways, climbers, slides, and panels, making it easy for our team to provide playgrounds that showcase many aspects of our Play Value Matrix.

Read on to learn what we love about one of GameTime’s newest products.


Available in Five Deck Heights

With deck models ranging from 3 feet to 8 feet, your Odyssey playground has the capacity to accommodate keiki of all ages. The 5’ to 8’ models also include an optional internal climber to further diversify your playground design.


Playful Colors and Designs

The structural components of the Odyssey playground line resemble fun pods for children to explore, and bridges that take them from one activity to the next. The available colors for the playground pieces allow your design to blend in with the surrounding nature or be bright and imaginative!


High Compatibility with PrimeTime Products

Thanks to GameTime’s patented DirectBolt connections, Odyssey can be combined with freestanding climbers and activities from other PrimeTime playscapes with fast, durable, compliant, and safe assembly. Peek at the Odyssey Catalog to see an example combo for yourself.


Nature Aesthetic

Now, we may be a little biased since we’re from an island surrounded by beautiful scenery, but we absolutely adore Odyssey’s Greenwood model which includes Playful Landscapes Mesa with integrated tree climbers. Models like Greenwood are great to have access to because many of our clients like the idea of creating play spaces that blend into their natural surroundings.

Have you had a chance to check out the new PrimeTime Odyssey line? Head over to GameTime to view their 2023 Catalog and let us know what you think!