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What Makes the Kamalani Playground Inclusive?

By May 27, 2022No Comments
Danielle Sagum at the grand opening of the Inclusive Kamalani Park

Have you seen the trending playground on Kaua’i? Kamalani Inclusive Playground is the first of its kind on Kaua’i and is quickly becoming a favorite in the community. An inclusive playground is a playground that takes all play ages and abilities into consideration to create an innovative design that not only allows for all children to play but also for them all to play together.

Our very own, Danielle Sagum, enjoys educating her clients on the benefits of inclusive playground designs and informed Hawai’i Public Radio (HPR) that traditional playground designs require a minimum number of ground-level activities, “This is flawed, as it only accommodates those with physical disabilities, which only accommodates for 8.5% of children with diagnosed disabilities,” Danielle says.

Due to the misconception that “accessible” playgrounds are the equivalent of inclusive playgrounds, many communities throughout Hawai’i are unknowingly excluding a majority of children with developmental challenges. “The other 91.5% of disabilities are cognitive, sensory, or social-emotional, and there are no building codes or ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements that address inclusion and equitable use of this diverse community of people. An inclusive playground thinks beyond ‘access’ and considers usability for all,” Danielle tells HPR.

With play spaces for sensory relief, ramps for wheelchair access, swings with adaptive features, and other state-of-the-art design features, the Kamalani Inclusive Playground provides all children access to a play environment that fully supports their healthy growth and development.

The playground is now open and is located in Kaua’i County, Hawai’i.