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The Benefits of Water Play for Children

By June 28, 2019July 1st, 2019No Comments

Summer is HERE!

And at InspiredPlay, we’re gearing up to create some amazing aquatic play experiences!

We all know children love playing in water but did you know that it actually has restorative properties? Water play alleviates stress and helps to regulate emotions.

Children get this benefit and much more when they engage in water play, providing opportunities to experiment with math and science concepts, strengthen their physical skills, advance their social and emotional skills, and enhance language development. Water play stimulates the senses and helps further brain development.

The best thing about water play is that people of all ages love it, meaning families of many different ages and abilities can enjoy an activity together that makes everyone happy.

Our fantastic partner Water Odyssey provides the market with the highest quality aquatic playground equipment available. As the leading designer and manufacturer of interactive water features in the country, they have been able to bring cutting edge technology to the design of aquatic playgrounds.

Bringing over 60 years of collective experience, the principals of the parent firm Fountain People, Inc. developed the Total Services Approach to water feature design.⁣

Here are some of our favorite features:⁣
– Switcheroo anchor base system for maximum interchangeability⁣
– High-quality stainless steel manifolds and brass valves to extend the life of the water management system and reduce maintenance⁣
– Low-profile, rounded-edge flanges to reduce the risk of stubbed toes⁣
– UL-listed safety control systems, programmed for easy start-up⁣
– 360° rotational joints⁣
– Aqua Armor superior coating system for chemical protection and an easy clean⁣
– Designed and manufactured to be in accordance with ASTM safety standards and ADA accessibility for maximum participation⁣
– Custom theming capabilities for a truly unique look that meets your vision and allows you to enhance your brand by creating an immersive experience⁣

Help your kids cool off and calm down this summer with some restorative water play, to stimulate the senses and help further brain development. Want to make a splash with your next playground? Contact us to chat all things water play! Happy Splashing!