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basketball court
Did you know that here at InspiredPlay, we love to design and build athletics facilities? From stadiums to skate parks and gymnasiums to sport courts – we can help with almost every indoor or outdoor athletic project, including:⁣ 
          • Basketball & Volleyball Equipment  ⁣
          • Specialty Flooring
          • Bleachers & Seating ⁣
          • Multipurpose Courts
          • Fitness Stations & Courses⁣
          • Skate Parks
The beauty of athletics design lies in the potential to create something with both form and function. Sports facilities are more than just places to exercise, they’re places where kids can make friends and enjoy conversation, as well as explore a variety of equipment to keep them running, jumping and moving. And at InspiredPlay, we use the spirit of imagination to create a fun experience every time.
Benefits of Sports for Children
Offering more than just physical benefits, sports can help kids grow emotionally, mentally and provide an opportunity for socialising. Tell a child to exercise and they might put up a fight. Tell them to go out and play with their friends on the other hand, and you won’t get an argument. When kids play sports, they don’t even realize how much healthier they are becoming – building stamina, endurance and healthier hearts thanks to all the aerobic activity.

Kids learn about leadership and responsibility, as they recognize the vital roles in a team. Leadership isn’t always about who is the best or on top, it’s about being accountable for your actions and being a role model. The ability to work well with others is a skill young athletes will take with them through the rest of their lives. And perhaps most valuable of all: the more kids learn about themselves and their abilities, the more self-confidence and self-esteem they will develop. 

Our unique and imaginative design style is a perfect fit for sports facilities – whatever the project, we’ve got you covered. By putting thought and creativity into each individual design, you can count on us to make your facility a memorable place to visit for years to come.
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