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Playground Surfacing in Hawaii: Enhancing Safety and Fun

By June 7, 2023No Comments


Creating safe and engaging playgrounds in Hawai’i requires careful consideration of every aspect, including playground surfacing. In this post, we’ll explore the importance of playground safety surfacing and how it can enhance both safety and fun for children. Additionally, we’ll touch on the concept of NatureGrounds National Demonstration Sites (NDS) by Playcore to illustrate how integrating nature into play spaces can benefit children’s development while promoting a connection with the natural world.

  • The Role of Playground Safety Surfacing

    Playground safety surfacing is a critical component of any play space. It provides cushioning and impact attenuation, reducing the risk of injuries from falls. There are various types of safety surfacing available, such as engineered wood fiber, rubber mulch, and synthetic turf– stay tuned for our post about safety surfacing pros and cons! InspiredPlay Hawai’i can guide you in selecting the most suitable safety surfacing option based on your specific needs and budget.

  • NatureGrounds NDS: Bringing Nature to Play Spaces

    Research emphasizes the importance of connecting children with nature for their healthy development. Nature Grounds NDS encourages the deliberate integration of natural elements into play spaces to create immersive and enriching experiences. We explore the benefits of incorporating naturalization strategies into playground design and how it can foster children’s connection with the outdoors with all of our clients, even if they opt-out of a NatureGrounds NDS space.

  • Collaboration with Landscape Architects and Designers

    Creating innovative play environments, especially those that integrate manufactured play equipment with the living landscapes, requires collaboration among various professionals. Landscape architects, designers, and playground construction workers play a crucial role in envisioning and implementing nature-inspired playgrounds. InspiredPlay Hawai’i has curated a network of skilled experts to deliver high-quality outdoor environments that engage children and promote active lifestyle habits.

  • Sought-After Destinations

    Naturalized playgrounds become sought-after destinations that offer more than just play equipment. Well-designed playgrounds with integrated natural elements provide visual interest, shade, and comfort, creating a relaxed and playful social atmosphere. Moreover, these spaces foster community engagement and social capital, encouraging sustained repeat visits.

  • Outdoor Education and Programming Opportunities

    Nature-inspired playgrounds also offer opportunities for outdoor education and programming. Schools. parks and community centers can utilize these spaces to provide enriching learning experiences while connecting children with nature and promoting environmental stewardship. During our Lunch and Learns, we share more insights into how nature-integrated play spaces can be leveraged for educational purposes and community programming.


Playground surfacing plays a crucial role in enhancing safety, while Nature Grounds NDS bring the benefits of nature to play spaces. By collaborating with landscape architects and designers, InspiredPlay Hawai’i can help create innovative playgrounds that inspire children’s connection with the natural world. These well-designed and naturalized playgrounds become sought-after destinations, fostering community engagement and offering valuable outdoor education opportunities. Contact InspiredPlay Hawai’i today to design a playground that prioritizes safety, fun, and a connection with nature.

Stay tuned for our next blog post: “Exploring the Health Benefits of Nature Grounds NDS Playgrounds.”