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Creating Fun and Safe Play Spaces in Hawai’i with Six Key Elements

By May 1, 2023May 27th, 2023No Comments

About GameTime

You may have heard of our partners in play, GameTime, a Playcore company that specializes in inclusive commercial playground equipment, outdoor fitness products, custom recreation spaces, and site furnishings. Like us at InspiredPlay Hawai’i, GameTime is committed to creating active, healthy spaces that align with the research of leading play, health, and wellness experts. Their mission is to provide the highest quality products and lead the industry with innovative solutions that help people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds realize the transformative power of play. They also prioritize inclusion, diversity, and equity in their playground designs, advocating for safer, more accessible, and fun play spaces that bring communities together. GameTime has been committed to building communities through play and recreation since 1929.

6 Elements of Play Checklist

Looking to create a fun and safe outdoor play environment? As Hawai’i’s experts in play, we can tell you it’ll take more than just a few swings and slides. To ensure your play space is top-quality and long-lasting, you’ll want to work with experienced playground contractors (like us!) who can provide high-quality playground equipment, professional installation, and reliable playground surfacing options like safety surfacing, synthetic turf, and artificial turf. Plus, don’t forget about shade structures to keep everyone cool during those sunny Hawai’i days!

Whether you’re looking for playground installers in Honolulu, Maui, or elsewhere in Hawai’i, we’ve got you covered! In this checklist, we’ll go over the six key elements of play (balancing, sliding, brachiating, spinning, climbing, and swinging) that every playground should include to promote physical activity and fun. We’ll also provide some tips for choosing the right outdoor recreation equipment in Hawai’i to maximize your program’s value.

  1. Balancing

    • Consider adding equipment that challenges children to balance, such as balance beams or wobble boards.
    • Ensure equipment is age-appropriate and safe for all children to use; add safety surfacing for extra protection against falls.
    • Encourage children to use proper body positioning and control while balancing.
  2. Sliding

    • Choose slides that are appropriate for the age range of the children using the playground.
    • Ensure that slides are safe and meet safety standards.
    • Provide opportunities for children to develop their body and spatial awareness through sliding.
  3. Brachiating

    • Incorporate equipment that challenges children to brachiate, such as monkey bars or a rope bridge.
    • Ensure that equipment is safe and age-appropriate for all children; incorporate various brachiating activities.
    • Encourage children to develop their hand-eye coordination and rhythmic body movement while brachiating.
  4. Spinning

    • Provide opportunities for children to spin, such as on a merry-go-round or spinner.
    • Ensure that spinning equipment is safe and age-appropriate for all children by considering various spinner styles being included on the playground.
    • Encourage children to develop their kinesthetic awareness and postural control while spinning.
  5. Climbing

    • Choose climbing equipment that is challenging but safe for children to use.
    • Ensure that the equipment promotes spatial awareness and coordination.
    • Encourage children to develop whole-body muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility through climbing.
  6. Swinging

    • Provide a variety of swings for children to use, such as traditional swings, tire swings, or hammock swings.
    • Ensure that swings are safe and appropriate for the age range of the children using them.
    • Encourage children to develop their aerobic fitness, muscular force, and whole-body awareness while swinging.

Give us a call to approach the design and build of your playground project Aloha to create a welcoming and inclusive space for all keiki to play and learn.