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INSPIREDPLAY is HAWAI’I‘s exclusive representative of Gametime Commercial Play Equipment and a proud part of the Playcore family of brands which include other leading manufacturers, such a Water Odyssey, UltraPlay, Freenotes Harmony Park, BigToys, Superior Playgrounds and more.

Whether you are looking for inclusive play destinations, budget-friendly play options or custom-themed play environments – we’ve got something for all ages and abilities.


Early Childhood

School Age

Water Play

Custom & Themed Play

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Poured-In-Place Rubber

Synthetic Turf

Interlocking Tiles

Bonded Rubber

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Play is the foundation for Learning

At InspiredPlay, we believe in the Value and Power of Play.
We believe that children are at their highest level of development when at play, and that Play is a key experience in allowing children to discover their full potential.
As children play together, they learn to cooperate, take turns, and engage in meaningful dramatic and imaginative play experiences that create lifelong memories.

Childhood is about Having Fun!

Every InspiredPlay playground is designed with THEM in mind.
Our design philosophy requires us to consider the point of view of the child, and ensure that we are designing based on their developmental needs.
This is a big part of what makes us different. Adults can design playgrounds that “Look cool”, but we are considering much deeper aspect about HOW a child plays on them, the experiences that are created, and the results and benefits of those experiences.