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Our Seven Principles of Design

By February 17, 2023No Comments

When it comes to playground design, we look to partner with companies that understand our inclusive approach to play. As proud partners of the Playcore family, InspiredPlay Hawai’i is happy to provide our clients with non-traditional play sculptures that take play to the next level with GameTime’s inspired products that inspire your imagination.

Curious to know what makes GameTime’s products so inspirational? Well, first you must understand how we approach our design process. To be sure that all of our playgrounds accommodate the holistic needs of our clients, we implemented the Seven Principles of Design:

1. Be Fair

To ensure no child is left out of playground experiences, we strive to create Equitable Play Opportunities. For example, we’ll suggest a Hand Cycler at Overhead Climber locations so that children with mobility devices, who are unable to use the Overhead Climber, can still engage in the same type of play in the same location.

2. Be Inclusive

Understanding the difference between “Accessible” versus “Inclusive” play opportunities allows us to create Access Flexibility on the playgrounds. Rather than only adding a single ramp to enter and exit the play area, we recommend to our clients that all elevated play components be accessible by ramp, or similar accessible means so that mobility devices are high enough to reach all play opportunities.

3. Be Smart

Maintaining a simple yet intuitive flow to our playground designs allows us to approach each project with a fresh perspective of our clients’ wants and needs. We’ve developed a placement system of play products that supports inclusive play and versatile engagement on the playground for all children.

4. Be Independent

Our playground designs encourage individual exploration for all play abilities. Simply including intentional multi-sensory stimuli throughout a variety of play areas on a single playground allows children to feel more confident in independent play.

5. Be Safe

Designing play spaces that provide caregivers clear visibility of children on the playground, allow children places to rest while on the playground, as well as safely join into the fun with other children are some of the ways we are safety conscious with our playground designs. For example, Crawl Tunnels or Seat Clusters allow children to be on the playground with the ability to sit and wait safely until they feel ready to engage.

6. Be Active

In efforts to create the most engaging play spaces possible, we prioritize accommodating diverse needs for sustained physical activity in all of our designs. A common recommendation we make to our clients is to use a modified seat back on swings and spinners to allow individuals to maintain a neutral body position so they can sustain their engagement in play.

7. Be Comfortable

To reduce children feeling restricted or overwhelmed on the playground, we consider space for movement and a comfortable approach to play areas in our designs, along with ample opportunities for sensory relief and appropriate risk-taking. A common example of comfort considerations is a slide transfer station to allow for a more comfortable transfer height from a mobility device to the slide’s entryway.


We are extremely grateful for our Playcore partnership so that we can give each of our clients the satisfaction of our 7 Design Principles in every playground we design. Click here to request or download your copy of the GameTime catalog today and check out their inspired products for yourself!