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Maximizing the Value of Your Playground Investment with PlayOn!

By May 1, 2023May 27th, 2023No Comments

GameTime’s PlayOn! National Demonstration Site

Play On! is a program by Playcore’s GameTime designed to promote physical activity and fun through outdoor play environments and playground learning activities. The Play On! program provides educators and recreation professionals with evidence-based best practices to promote health and wellness, maximizing the value and potential of school and community playgrounds.

Play On! can be used to enhance recess, physical education, before/after school programs, special events, camps, and other programming efforts that focus on combating sedentary lifestyles and childhood obesity. The program contains 125 activities for grades PreK-5 that align with national physical education standards, as well as assessment tools, equipment lists, playground funding opportunities, send-home family resources, and design best practices. Play On! has become a vital component in efforts to strengthen, educate, and build healthier communities through play and recreation.

The Play On! program incorporates the Six Elements of Active Play: balancing, brachiating, climbing, spinning, sliding, and swinging. With the overall design encouraging movements of moderate to vigorous levels of activity, the program provides a developmentally appropriate progression of skill opportunities through beginning, intermediate, and advanced playground activities. Playgrounds that utilize the PlayOn! programming and curriculum further encourage active play amongst keiki and their community.

High-quality play environments have a critical role in promoting community health. Research indicates that when evidence-based design principles are implemented within the built environment, positive outcomes occur. The National Demonstration Site ensures that your community maximizes the value of your investment.

As a PlayOn! National Demonstration Site, complimentary signage is installed at your playground to create awareness, recognize your leadership, and gather visitor feedback. A welcome kit with a National Demonstration Site Project of Excellence award is provided, along with a marketing tool kit of digital tools and tips to help promote your playground to the public and encourage data collection engagement with visitors. Your playground will also be included on the National Demonstration Site Map, an online resource to help others find high-quality play and recreation destinations in their community, to help more families learn about your site.

CORE Data Service Lab provides your playground with site-specific data, which aggregates local and site-collected data to demonstrate the impact, engagement, and park user sentiments your playground offers. Each report aligns with the seven indicators of Community Vitality to provide a holistic view of the health and wellness outcomes your site contributes to the community.

Ready to bring the benefits of PlayOn! to your community? Contact InspiredPlay Hawai’i to learn how to get started with planning a PlayOn! playground and utilize the evidence-based program that promotes physical activity, fun, and learning through outdoor play environments. Build a healthier community and maximize the value of your investment in play and recreation today!