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InspiredPlay: USA’s #1 Resource for Innovatively Inclusive Playground Designs

By March 3, 2022No Comments
collage of 8 parks built by the InspiredPlay company

The secret is out: playtime is just as critical to a child’s development as any other fundamental care we provide our children.

From the way their little minds understand how to receive information, improving their critical thinking skills, to how they interact with peers, enhancing their social skills, playtime is much more than physical exercise– playtime is a holistic approach to healthy living for all.


InspiredPlay hasn’t always had the goal to provide innovative playgrounds to communities across the US. When our company was first founded, we were simply a full-service construction company for small design-build projects in Hawai’i. Being a local company committed to serving our community, we noticed a need for more play spaces that kept children entertained and safe. After a while, we realized the most impactful way to serve our community was supporting their health through innovative playgrounds—and we haven’t looked back since.

A multi color graphic resembling a flower with 6 petalsAll our designs are made with our 6×6 Play Matrix to include the 6 Key Elements of Active Play and the 6 Key Elements of Enriching Play so that community playgrounds are jam-packed with as many play benefits as the space can handle.

Anytime you step on an InspiredPlay playground you can trust that the entire community, no matter their age or abilities, is benefiting from its presence because nothing is more important to us than ‘Ohana—and all of our clients, and their community, are apart of our InspiredPlay ‘Ohana.


For more information about how our 6×6 Play Matrix formula can bring more play benefits into your community, click here.