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InspiredPlay Hawaiʻi’s Mission + Values

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InspiredPlay Hawaiʻi Mission and Values

At InspiredPlay Hawaiʻi, our mission is to provide the most “inspired” play opportunities to our community through state-of-the-art design, high-quality products, empowered employees, and devoted customer support. We believe that play comes in many forms and is essential to people of all ages and abilities for creating a healthy life balance.

To help the communities we serve experience the full impact of our mission, we intertwine pieces of our Hawaiʻian values into our company culture. In Hawaiʻi, we hold our loved ones, our ‘Ohana, very close and do our best to care for one another.

Read on to learn more about some of the values of ‘Ohana, the Spirit of Aloha, and how they’ve become a part of the InspiredPlay Hawaiʻi culture.

Aloha – Love, Trust, and Friendship

The Spirit of Aloha is our guiding force for living an honorable, thoughtful, and helpful way. Aloha reminds us to always spread love, grace, kindness, humility, and compassion to every person we encounter.

We believe our partnerships are an extremely useful tool for sharing resources, coordinating efforts to reach shared goals, and fostering creative thinking. Our employees, customers, and vendors are all considered a part of our InspiredPlay Hawaiʻi ‘Ohana. We show Aloha by supporting one another to ensure the best and brightest future for all.

‘Ohana – Family

‘Ohana extends beyond the nuclear to include extended family, close friends, colleagues, and other communities or groups… as family, we all do our part to care for one another.”

Our employees are not only our most valuable asset, but they are our family. We celebrate their hard work and dedication by making sure to provide a workplace that cares about their personal growth and long-term support of their families.

Paʻahana – Hard Work

To be hard-working, busy, and industrious is to embody the definition of paʻahana. People who honor paʻahana value community and feel it a privilege to be a part of maintaining peace and balance within their communities.

As a self-performing developer, designer, and contractor, we work diligently to produce quality projects that are on time and on budget. And because “play is the work of a child,” it is our philosophy to design projects that provide a foundation for the education, development, and fulfillment of those who enjoy them.

Kuleana – Responsibility

Honoring ‘Ohana means seeing your responsibilities through, in doing so, you’re helping to ensure that things are done fairly for all.

Our life-blood is in our commitment to the community, so in addition to the services that we provide profitably, we “give back” through various forms of outreach. Our outreach efforts include community projects, educational programs, and charitable contributions. We have made “social good” a big part of our company culture and encourage our employees to bring to the table any and all ways that we can assist with causes that they care about.

Pono – Righteousness

Every day is a new opportunity for us to strive to be upstanding in our relationships with our ‘Ohana. With each opportunity, we have the ability to make sure we meet one another with kindness and compassion.

As a small local business, we hold ourselves to a strong code of honesty and integrity. Being trustworthy and easy to work with has allowed us to enjoy deep and lasting relationships with our partners, customers, and vendors.

Give us a call today to learn to add a little Aloha to your next playground project.