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The Hawaii AEYC Early Childhood Leadership Symposium and Conference is taking place this October 18th & 19th at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu – and InspiredPlay are going to be there! We’ll be joining early childhood professionals from around the state to discuss the everyday issues that occur as we work with young children, families, and co-workers. Here are some fast facts:

  • Of Hawaii’s 1.25 million population, 954 are HAEYC members (80% live in Oahu)
  • 20,000 attend HAEYC activities each year
  • 87,207 children under the age of 5 live in Hawaii
  • 23% of all 3-4 year olds are in licensed centers operated by churches or non-profit organizations or independent familiy child care providers
  • 20% of early childhood programs received national accreditation from NAEYC

This year’s conference will be centered around ‘Educating Young Children: Critical Time, Essential Profession’ with a welcome from HIAEYC President, Valley Varma, as well as keynote speech from the Director of Early Learning at the Bainum Family Foundation, Marica Cox Mitchell.

The conference will continue with a variety of sessions each with a focus from the E Mālama I Nā Keiki Essential Principles of Practice and the DHS learning activities and training topic areas. Want an idea on what to expect? Check out a breakdown below.

E Mālama I Nā Keiki Principles of Practice & their DHS Training Topic Areas

  • Domain 1 Well-Being
    Health & Safety | Child Nutrition | Physical Care of Young Children | Care of Sick Children
  • Domain 2 Child Growth and Development
    Child Growth & Development | Children with Special Needs
  • Domain 3 Relationships
    Family Engagement
  • Domain 4 Guidance
    Managing challenging behaviors
  • Domain 5 Diversity
    Family Engagement
  • Domain 6 Learning Environment
    Physical Environment
  • Domain 7 Curriculum
    Learning Activities and Play
  • Domain 8 Assessment and Evaluation
    Observation & Assessment
  • Domain 9 Professionalism
    Program Management | Community Resources
  • Domain 10 Program Management
    Childcare Business or Program Management
  • Domain 11 Partnerships with Communities
    Family Engagement | Community Resources

This event is an absolute must for anyone working in the early years or education fields. We can’t wait to see you there!