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Elevate Your Playground’s Play Value with InspiredPlay Hawaii’s Lunch and Learns: Designing Playgrounds for Long-Term Fitness

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Are you looking to increase the play value of your playground and promote long-term fitness for children in your community? Join InspiredPlay Hawai’i’s Lunch and Learns, where you can explore research-backed solutions and design best practices for creating dynamic and engaging play environments with some of Hawai’i’s most experienced playground contractors. In this blog post, we’re giving you a sample of what you’ll take away from a private Lunch and Learn event as we delve into the key design strategies that have been proven to promote fitness and active play on the playground.


About Lunch and Learns

As the exclusive Hawai’i representative of GameTime, InspiredPlay Hawai’i offers a specialized Lunch and Learn presentation to support community parks in earning their PlayOn! NDS recognition. PlayOn! parks incorporate the six key elements of play into their playground design to promote long-term fitness and help children reach moderate to vigorous levels of physical activity. Our Lunch and Learns are ideal for physical educators and recreation professionals who play a critical role in selecting playground equipment and designing outdoor play and learning spaces.

Best Design Practices for Incorporating Active Play

To create a playground that promotes long-term fitness and an active lifestyle, it’s essential to consider the following evidence-based design strategies:

  1. Variety: Offering a range of play elements, including climbing, swinging, sliding, spinning, and balancing, provides children with diverse ways to engage their bodies and develop motor skills.
  2. Continuum of Skills: Providing equipment for different user levels promotes healthy risk-taking and skill development, allowing children to progress at their own pace.
  3. Naturalization: Integrating natural elements, such as child-friendly plant materials and existing topography, creates an environment that encourages movement, curiosity, and active play.
  4. Loose Parts: Adding loose parts like crates, tires, or planks stimulates creativity, imagination, and cooperative play, enhancing overall physical activity and social interaction.
  5. Active Play: Strategically dispersing equipment and considering pathway layouts that encourage movement fosters running, chasing, exploring, and active play, promoting cardiovascular fitness and coordination.


Designing playgrounds that promote long-term fitness and an active lifestyle requires careful consideration and implementation of evidence-based strategies. InspiredPlay Hawai’i’s Lunch and Learns provide an opportunity to explore these design considerations and learn how to elevate your playground game. By incorporating variety, a continuum of skills, naturalization, loose parts, and promoting active play, you can create an engaging and inclusive play space that benefits keiki of all abilities. Contact InspiredPlay Hawai’i today to register for our upcoming Lunch and Learn sessions and transform your playground into a hub of fitness and active play.