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Designing and building a dance studio, be it in a school or community center, is a lot to think about, but allow us to make that process a little easier for you! Here are some of the main design architectural elements to consider:

  • Floor-to-ceiling mirrors
  • Barres
  • Sound system
  • Sound-proofing
  • Lighting
  • Security system
    and perhaps most essential for those twinkle toes…

…a dance floor!

How To Choose a Dance Floor

When it comes to dance studio flooring, there are a number of options you can choose from. At InspiredPlay, we chose to partner with industry veteran Harlequin Floors to bring our clients a full range of flooring, including their signature sprung flooring range.

Sprung floors offer assurance of better protection from injuries for dancers with reduced risk of injury through impact or from longer-term stress injuries.

Floors developed for commercial or sports applications do not offer the benefits that dancers appreciate when they talk about the ‘feel’ of the floor. Only purpose-built dance floors do that.

The Harlequin range of sprung floors has been developed for use in combination with a vinyl or wood performance top surface to bring style as well as substance.

Ready to begin planning your performing arts project? At InspiredPlay, we take care of everything! Contact us today for a free quote.