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Our newest and most exciting offering is the design and construction of specialized musical education rooms and performing arts facilities. Our various surfacing and shelter options can create outdoor amphitheaters, hula mounds, luau venues and more!

For our indoor music spaces, we partnered with
Wenger, America’s design and manufacturing leader for performance based musical education and performing arts spaces, to build only the best auditoriums, audience seating, theaters, staging, band practice rooms and choral spaces.

No other company meets and exceeds the product needs of the music education and performing arts markets like Wenger. Their expertise, design capability and level of service are unmatched in the industry.

Wenger provide high quality equipment that is durable, dependable, and designed for the daily demands of practice and performance: chairs, stands, and risers designed for success; staging that can be moved and reconfigured for your needs; acoustic treatments that enhance every space. Wenger products can be found just about anywhere music and theater is practiced and performed.

Whether you’re creating a high-performance choral or band practice room, or a world-class performance auditorium, InspiredPlay and Wenger can provide both the engineering and the expertise.

Find out more on our Music page or Contact Us for a free quote.