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sports court bleachers

If you asked us: where can I find the best sports court bleachers in Hawaii? We’d have a couple of suggestions for you! Definitely in the running are these stunning new bleachers we installed in the Castle Gymnasium at Hawaii Prepatory Academy.

The gym was looking a little drab before so we decided to add a splash of the school’s signature color to brighten things up. Made all the difference, don’t you think? Check out this before and after.

At InspiredPlay Hawaii, we cover a wide spectrum of specialty seating ranging from sports court bleachers in schools and gymnasiums to large sports stadiums.

Multi-function facilities sometimes need to seat a crowd and sometimes they don’t. Have your indoor gym space benefit from the best of both worlds with our telescopic and retractable bleacher seating. When not in use, the system retracts into a compact storage position, maximizing the facility’s floor space.

Bespoke designs can be manufactured to take full account of your storage space, helping you set up and pack the system away with minimal effort. The seating is also available in a range of colours to fit in with your facility.

Our bleacher seating systems are widely used in schools, equestrian centres, sports fields and in gymnastics centres. As a proud distributor of Interkal products, you can be sure we only install bleachers and gymnasium seating which give maximum flexibility, reliability and utility.

We’re also proud to note that the whole structure at Hawaii Prep was created using recycled wood! Yet another project completed with creativity, a conscience and an adaptability that can handle frequently changing needs.

Have a project of your own in mind? We will provide all the expert advice and recommendations you need based on our years of experience within the industry. Contact us to get started!