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Benefits and Challenges of a Custom At-Home Playground

By January 20, 2022No Comments
Photo of small playground with a sun shade

Getting out of the house feeling like a challenge these days? Finding time to visit the playground is tough with a busy schedule, but there’s a simple, elegant solution. Consider building an at-home playground.

At-home playgrounds have immediate benefits, like family bonding time, convenience, and 24-hour access for your children. However, building and maintaining these playgrounds is easier said than done.

We’ve put together some pros and cons to designing a custom play space for your home. If you have any questions, leave a comment below or click here, we’d be happy to assist you.


Overview of Benefits

  • Elevated Safety
  • Increased Sense of Community
  • Enhanced Physical Active Play + Increased Confidence with PE
  • Convenience
  • Encourages Imaginative Play
  • Personalized Play Space
  • More Family Bonding Time
  • Makes Playground Ventures Extra Special


Overview of Challenges

  • Understanding safety materials
  • Assessing your space
  • Hiring the proper team
  • Being the popular house
  • Telling kids to “come inside”


Benefits of a Custom At-Home Playground

Elevated Safety

Safety is the number one concern when building a playground. A custom play space for your home allows you to consult with a trusted expert to hand-select materials that hold up to your safety standards. If you’re ever unsure, you’ll have an expert to guide you along the way to ensure your family is safe.


Increased Sense of Community

Having a play space in your home provides the perfect opportunity to socialize a familiar environment for your child. This experience encourages love and affection from those around them. Children will learn early in life that friends are just a phone call away as they call for playdates with their favorite people.


Enhanced Physical Active Play + Increased Confidence with PE

Naturally, having a playground in your home means your kid will be more physically active. Being more physically active helps build confidence when playing and sporting, including dancing, biking, and hiking. Kids build confidence mastering moves on the play structure and that confidence carries in their day-to-day lives.



While it may seem obvious, convenience is a huge benefit of having a custom play space at home. No matter how busy your schedule, there will always be time for time at the park. Can’t find a babysitter? Take your kiddo out to their play space and sit nearby. Say buh-bye to “why can’t we go to the park” cry-baby eyes and hello to daily time at the park. *Happy Sigh*


Encourages Imaginative Play

Creating a custom play space with an innovative approach gives your child the chance to exercise their imagination daily and inspire their own creative expression. It’s possible your kiddo will be inspired to design their own playground or invent a new way to crawl up a ladder. The new play space will unlock the idea of possibilities in their young minds.


Personalized Play Space

A custom-designed play space is a very personal gift for any family. Children receive a place to master role-play of their favorite adventure movie and caregivers receive a space to learn more about their children through their playstyle—winning all around.


More Family Bonding Time

Even if you’re just watching from the sidelines, an at-home playground means more time together as a family. You’ll see your kids more often and they’ll see you, strengthening your bond and helping you be there when it really counts.


Makes Playground Ventures Extra Special

Bonus points to an at-home playground: the effort you put into getting out and going to the park will become extra-special to your family because it’ll be an adventure to break up the normal trip to the park.


Challenges to Consider When Building a Playground for Your Home


Understanding Safety Materials

Even if you spend hours researching playground safety materials, unless you’ve been building playgrounds professionally in your career, it’s very risky to attempt a custom play space without proper safety knowledge. And even if you’ve been building playgrounds professionally, it’s always great to have a second opinion when it comes to safety.

If you’re determined to complete the project without a professional, we recommend finding a playground safety design-build instructive course. If you’d rather hire a professional to assist you, you can book a complimentary consultation with us and we’ll help point you in the right direction.


Assessing Your Space

When building a play space, you’ll want to be sure to get the correct dimensions, angles, and shapes, and that each space on every level is in fact leveled—it’s a lot. You’ll also want to know how deep foundations will need to be and the optimal run surface for your space. Properly assessing your space is also something we recommend having a professional assist you with.


Hiring the Proper Team

Deciding who is the proper team to hire for your design and build project can also feel like a daunting task. However, you have friends at InspiredPlay. When you book a consultation with us, you can count on an honest expert to guide you to the best decision for your project, even if that means we refer another team—if we don’t think we can help you, we’ll point you to the people who can.


Being the Popular House

Having a cool customized playground is surely going to increase your popularity points with your friends and family. We don’t really have a solution for this—maybe create a social club? =]


Telling Kids to “come inside”

You may also have a hard time telling kids to come in for the day when “The playground is just right there!” (read in your child’s voice lol). Implementing family agreements around park-time is just as easy as going to the regular park: loving boundaries always.


Don’t forget, we’re always here to answer any questions you may have about designing and building a custom playground in your home. Book your complimentary consultation by clicking here.