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22 Things We Love About Being InspiredPlay

By March 3, 2022No Comments
three men in construction clothes on a newly completed playground

2022 is in full swing and we’ve been over the moon with gratitude here at InspiredPlay. As we reflect on the successes and lessons from 2021, we find ourselves extremely grateful to be a part of a company actively seeking to support the wellness of communities across the United States through PLAY.

To celebrate, we’ve come up with a list of 22 Things We Love About Being InspiredPlay. We hope our expression of gratitude inspires you to recall the things you love most about life. If you’re up to sharing, connect with us on social and let us know what you’re most grateful for.


Without further ado, here are 22 Things We Love About Being InspiredPlay:

  1. We’re a small company with a big heart.
  2. Our #1 goal is supporting the rise of happier and healthier communities.
  3. No project is, “too small.”
  4. Everyone is ‘Ohana at InspiredPlay.
  5. We have Recipes for Fun.
  6. Our vendors love what they do, too.
  7. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve.
  8. It’s more than just a design-build project to us.
  9. We’re always up for a challenge.
  10. Giving back is a given.
  11. We believe in strength in numbers.
  12. We play hard and work harder.
  13. We have kids, too.
  14. Free tips and expert opinions.
  15. If it’s not colorful, it’s not complete.
  16. Dependable safety.
  17. We make play spaces for adults, too.
  18. Wellness isn’t a gimmick, it’s a lifestyle.
  19. Our team’s diversity is our greatest strength.
  20. We LOVE super playgrounds.
  21. Sharing is caring, and we care a lot.
  22. Our 6×6 Play Matrix makes playtime fun AND BENEFICIAL every time.

Reason #1: We’re a small company with a big heart.

Based in Pearl City, Hawaii, we’re a small family-oriented company that firmly believes in the value of Pono (Righteousness). Being trustworthy and easy to work with has allowed us to enjoy deep and lasting relationships with our partners, customers, and vendors.


Reason #2:  Our #1 goal is supporting the rise of happier and healthier communities.

At InspiredPlay, our mission is to provide the most “inspired” play opportunities to our community through state-of-the-art design, high-quality products, empowered employees and devoted customer support. We believe that play comes in many forms and is essential to people of all ages and abilities for creating a healthy life balance.


Reason #3: No project is “too small.”

Anyone on our team will tell you, “Small on space doesn’t mean small on play!” We approach all our projects as if they are the “big” ones, because we know any play space we work on is a big deal to its community. Ask us about repurposing elements on your current playground into fun recess games to learn how we honor every project as a “big deal.”


Reason #4: Everyone is ‘Ohana at InspiredPlay.

Our employees are not only our most valuable asset, but they are our family– and the same is said of our clients, partners, vendors, and community members. We celebrate everyone’s hard work and dedication by making sure to provide a workplace that cares about the team’s personal growth and creating play spaces to support the long-term wellness of their families and community.


Reason #5: We have Recipes for Fun.

“What are recipes for fun?” you may ask, they’re InspiredPlay’s unique takes on common playground games such as hopscotch, hide-and-seek, and tag. We know how easily kids find themselves bored (adults, too, for that matter) so we enjoy sharing fun ways to mix up the favorite childhood games we all know and love. Sign-up for our email list to be sure to receive recipes for fun to share with your community.


Reason #6: Our vendors love what they do, too.

If we’ve learned nothing in our 10+ years’ experience, we definitely understand that when you love what you do it shows in your service. For this reason, we only partner with vendors who are just as committed to providing a safe and fun play space as we are such as Landmark, Gametime, VERSACOURT, and Superior Shades. Check ‘em out to see for yourself!


Reason #7: We’re constantly looking for ways to improve.

We don’t say we specialize in innovative play designs just because it’s cute—it’s 100% true! Our team is dedicated to researching and testing new play set designs to understand how they support the physical, mental, emotional, and social development of children as they interact with the play environments in their community. As we discover new ways to play while supporting the holistic health of all who engage with our play spaces, we find ways to incorporate our discoveries into our design-build projects.

Reason #8: It’s more than just a design-build project to us.

All our projects are designed around the concept of Aloha: Love, Trust, and Friendship. We believe that design-build projects are amazing opportunities for sharing resources, coordinating efforts to reached shared goals, and fostering creative thinking. Our employees, customers, and vendors are all considered a part of our InspiredPlay ‘Ohana. We show Aloha by supporting one another to ensure the best and brightest future for all.


Reason #9: We’re always up for a challenge.

Our motto: If you can dream it, we can build it. We understand the thrill of having a vision for a custom playground in your mind and the deep desire to make it come to life because it’s one of our favorite parts of our job. Our team of experts like to approach every project from the client’s perspective to understand what it is they want most from their play space and brainstorming practical solutions to achieve magnificent results. Think you have an impossible design in mind? Click here to book a complimentary consultation, we look forward to the challenge.


Reason #10: Giving back is a given.

Our lifeblood is in our commitment to the community, so in addition to providing services profitably, we give back to the communities we serve through various forms of outreach. Our outreach efforts include community projects, educational programs, and charitable contributions. We have made social good a big part of our company culture and encourage our employees to bring to the table any and all ways that we can assist with causes that the care about.


Reason #11: We truly believe we are in this together.

Kākou is an Aloha value that reminds us to practice the art of speaking the Language of We. At InspiredPlay, we know the greatest service we can provide is to care for our community however we are able. For us, the best way wee can care for our community is to ensure everyone of all ages and abilities have a safe place to enjoy the company of one another while participating in all our favorite past time: play time.


Reason #12: We play hard and work harder.

As a self-performing developer, designer, and contractor, we work diligently to produce quality projects that are on time and on budget. And because “play is the work of a child,” it is our philosophy to design playgrounds that provide a foundation for the education, development, and fulfilment of those who enjoy them.


Reason #13: Most of us have kids, too.

Time flies when you’re having fun, and as parents ourselves, we get how important it is to have as many opportunities to connect with children as possible—especially when kids today have so many distractions from physical play. Understanding constant competition with virtual play and demand for superior entertainment, our team finds ways to entice kids of all ages, even adults who like to let their inner child loose, to drop the digital devices and step into physically exploring the world around them through play.

And, no, it’s not always easy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. (See #9)


Reason #14: Free tips and expert opinions.

Lōkahi: when we come together, we achieve more. Our emails are curated to support anyone interested in learning more about designing innovative custom play spaces and how they positively impact the health and development of children and adults of all ages and abilities.  Got a question? We’re on standby to your email replies.


Reason #15: If it’s not colorful, it’s not complete.

Everyone loves color; muted, vibrant, or monotone, we all have a color palette that speaks to us. Custom play space designs give you the flexibility to set the mood of your environment, even change it to fit your mood! Assisting you in your preferred color selection for your design is a non-negotiable in our service, we want you to LOVE your custom play environment.


Reason #16: Dependable safety.

To support our #1 Goal, the rise of healthier and happier communities, safety must be our top priority in every project. We choose to partner with vendors who provide the highest quality materials to ensure your play space stays safe through the natural weathering of the play surface. Each of our design-build projects include a thorough implementation of safety considerations and guidelines, such as specialty flooring, shades, playground padding, and more.


Reason #17: We make play spaces for adults, too.

Children aren’t the only ones who benefit from play; play happens to be a universal stress relief for all ages! Yeah, we design and build innovative playgrounds, and that includes playgrounds adults will love, too. Golf, rock climbing, or lounging by the pool, we fully support letting your inner child loose.


Reason #18: Wellness isn’t our gimmick, it’s our LIFE.

‘Imiola: our greatest purpose is to seek life in its highest form. Our passion for cultivating spaces that support the holistic wellness of entire communities stems from our heritage of Aloha.  So it is with the uppermost joy that we continuously seek new ways to expand upon the love, happiness, and health of our InspiredPlay ‘Ohana by sharing our love for play.


Reason #19: Our team’s diversity is our greatest strength.

Our team’s combined experiences lends over 25+ years’ of playground design-build expertise to all of our custom projects. As a team, we practice the Aloha principle of Alaka’I : The value of leadership. “Lead with initiative, and with your good example. You shall be the guide for others when you have gained their trust and respect.” And it’s always guided us through a successful project.


Reason #20: We LOVE Super Playgrounds!

If you haven’t heard of a Super Playground, buckle up: you’re in for a ride—literally! Super Playgrounds are the ultimate travel destinations for a long day of pure fun. These gigantic parks house limitless possibilities for play with extended slides, zipline cables, rock climbing walls, ultimate swing sets and water features ALL IN ONE PLACE!

These parks are just starting to trend in communities, and you may be lucky enough to have one near you. If not, they are totally worth a family road trip. OR, you can always give us a call.


Reason #21: Sharing is caring, and we care a lot.

We think it’s fun to find ways to express our gratitude for our InspiredPlay ‘Ohana. Our favorite tradition is our annual InspiredPlay Calendar. Claim your copy here.


Reason #22: Our 6×6 Play Matrix makes playtime fun AND BENEFICIAL every time.

The 6×6 Play Matrix includes takes the 6 Elements of Physical Play, combined with the 6 Elements of Enriched Play, to create playground designs to ignite extraordinary play experiences for all who interact with the play space. Our 6×6 formula helps us ensure that playtime is not only a grand adventure, but also a healthful part of your daily practice.


To learn more about our custom playground designs and the possibilities for your play space, click here to request an appointment with one of our service representatives.